Open Position

Head of Professional Services, APAC

Job Description

A to Z owner for the Professional Services on the region: marketing, sale, excite

  • Promote and sell the Professional Services. Develop novel customer tailored services within APAC. Tailored for our customers by using our building blocks as Capacity Planning, CeraPlan, Detailed Solution Design, Preventive Maintenance, Network Optimization and training. By learning our customers’ needs, proposing innovation solutions for them resolving their challenges with 3rd party s/w’s or tools.
  • Provide technical consultancy services to network operators (Transmission network planning, engineering and operation).
  • Lead professional services implementation team by project basis, making sure answering customer expectations and become his “trusted advisor” .
  • Identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement of Optical network infrastructure systems and processes, including architecture advancement, service level improvement and cost efficiency

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electronic / Communication / Computer Engineering 
  • Microwave Transmission specialist with 5+ years of Experience in Microwave Transport Network Services Planning, Consulting and Telecom Managed Services
  • Able to perform network analysis and identifying architectural gaps in our customer’s networks and provide recommendations for network optimization & Capacity management on various aspects like protection rearrangements, circuit categorizations and constraint definition
  • Good English with highest communication skills and experience with interfacing customers


  • Experience with NOC or operation @ Operator
  • Experience in Optical and Mobile Backhaul Architecting technologies like SDH, DWDM, ROADM (OTN), ASON
  • RAN knowledge (2G/3G/4G network architecture)
  • To be able to create small scripts for data collection
  • Programming experience including Java & Python