FibeAir IP-20E - All-outdoor, compact, all-IP, e-band node

ip-20E_2017.pngCeragon’s FibeAir 
IP-20E wireless backhaul node for small cell aggregation, and high-capacity transport between macro sites provides ultra-high capacity for bandwidth-intensive network applications in E-band.

The compact, low-power, all-IP solution combines functionality and performance. Scalable to 2.5Gbps, the all-outdoor IP-20E node can provide a cost-effective solution for smallcell aggregation and other E-band transport applications. The IP-20E features fast, efficient installation, low footprint and enables the use of narrowband channels for creating long distance E-band links. It complies with advanced Carrier Ethernet MEF 2.0, enabling a rich variety of Ethernet-based services.

FibeAir IP-20E is part of Ceragon's FibeAir IP-20 Platform that provides a wide range of configurations to match the requirements of diverse network scenarios.

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