IP-20 Platform Overview

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Network operators are deploying new technologies throughout their networks in order to bring capacity to subscribers wherever they may be. Small cells deliver concentrations of capacity in focused areas while super-sized macro cells aggregate far greater volumes of data than ever before. TDM networks are being eclipsed by higher capacity packet networks while voice-oriented 2G has become data-oriented 3G which is now giving way to high-speed and high-capacity 4G/LTE.

Operators are seeking cost-effective, high-capacity and manageable solutions to the burgeoning hauling challenges of their evolving heterogeneous networks (HetNets).

IP-20 is a service-centric microwave platform for HetNet hauling. The platform includes a full complement of wireless products that provide innovative, market-leading backhaul and fronthaul solutions.

Powered by a software-defined engine and sharing a common operating system, CeraOS, the IP-20 platform delivers ultra-high capacities while supporting any radio transmission technology, any network topology and any deployment configuration.

Product Description
FibeAir IP-20G Hybrid, split-mount hauling solution for edge and ring nodes with fixed configuration and low power consumption
FibeAir IP-20N High performance, high-capacity and highly scalable aggregation node addressing the entire range of microwave backhaul applications
FibeAir IP-20E Ultra-high capacity, secure node for macro site connectivity in E-Band
FibeAir IP-20S Compact, single-core radio node; an all-in-one tail-site backhaul solution for all-outdoor deployments
FibeAir IP-20C  Sets a new standard in microwave transmission combining multi-core radio technology, 2048QAM and line-of-sight 4X4 MIMO in a compact, all-outdoor design delivering 1Gbps of capacity
FibeAir IP-20LH Multi-carrier trunk node that includes 2048QAM and 10GbE interfaces paired with ultra-high power radio technology; the ideal solution for transporting multi-gigabits of radio capacity over long distances
Evolution IP-20LH Field-proven, high-quality multi-carrier microwave radio solution for long-distance, high-capacity telecommunication networks; enables carriers to migrate smoothly from legacy TDM to all-IP