CeraOS - Unified operating system across entire IP-20 platform

CeraOS creates a unified, simple-to-operate-and-manage approach for building, expanding and maintaining wireless backhaul and fronthaul networks. It is an intrinsic part of the FibeAir IP-20 platform, providing a complete set of service-centric features and performance-boosting capabilities across all IP-20 products.

CeraOS cost-effectively manages resources by controlling and unifying complex, distributed network intelligence. It is the unifying thread that connects otherwise disparate network elements and provides a scalable migration path as needs evolve. It provides software intelligence for adding new services, features and applications.

Among the many functions of CeraOS are:
• End-to-end service provisioning and monitoring
• QoS consistency
• Synchronization distribution
• Capacity-boosting techniques
• Common OA&M user interface