FibeAir® IP-20E - Ultra-high capacity, secure node for macro site connectivity in E-Band

FibeAir IP-20E is a wireless, virtual-fiber solution that provides ultra-high capacity and security for demanding network applications in E-band. Low latency and scalable to 1.2Gbps, it is a perfect solution in growing and dynamic HetNets. It is especially cost-effective for small-cell hauling and aggregation, and high-capacity transport between macro sites.

Working in tandem with the FibeAir IP-20N multi-technology aggregation node, FibeAir IP-20E can be deployed in comprehensive backhaul and aggregation-point settings offering a cost-effective solution for small-cell backhaul and other E-band transport applications. This sort of deployment is especially appropriate for fast and efficient installation and long-term operation.

As a member of the FibeAir IP-20 product series, FibeAir IP-20E enjoys interoperability with all IP-20 solutions. Network operators benefit from common features across their wireless networks like the CeraOS operating system which establishes a unified, simple-to-operate-and-manage approach for building, expanding and maintaining wireless backhaul. All members of the product series feature programmable network processors that bestow a long life of flexible, cost-effective operation.

  • Ultra-high capacity
    • Full-duplex, scalable to 1Gbps radio capacity
    • Capacity-boosting technologies including Header De-duplication
    • Advanced wideband modem design and latest in-house RFIC technology
    • Channel bandwidth 250 MHz

  • Simplified design and maintenance
    • Small form fit consumes less space and is perfect for wall and rooftop installations
    • Narrow beam with high reuse factor
    • Attractive licensing schemes with light licensing
    • Fully interoperable with Ceragon’s multi-technology aggregation node for macro sites and small-cell aggregation

  • Carrier-grade wireless solution
    • Ultra-low latency
    • Integrated Carrier Ethernet switch
    • MEF CE 2.0-compliant
    • All-outdoor and split-mount configurations
    • Comprehensive service and link OAM capabilities

  • Common OS and software-defined engine
    • SDN-ready
    • Powered by programmable networking processor future-proofing CAPEX investment
    • Unified operating system (CeraOS) across entire FibeAir IP-20 platform