FibeAir® IP-20S - Compact, all-outdoor, high-capacity for hauling of edge nodes

With the proliferation of all-outdoor sites, mobile network operators require a compact, environmentally friendly hauling solution that will provide capacity and an optimal mix of function and performance while minimizing cost of ownership.

High capacity, compact and low power consuming FibeAir IP-20S is the ideal solution for efficient and cost-effective all-outdoor backhaul operation. Simple to install and maintain, it is the cost-effective, reliable solution for the hauling of outdoor edge nodes.

Today’s HetNets are undergoing rapid technological advancement. Hauling solutions implemented today must be versatile and flexible to continue to deliver cost-effective performance that can evolve with the demands of tomorrow. FibeAir IP-20S boosts performance in today’s networks while providing a cost-effective path to future requirements. With an integrated programmable network processor, it offers a rich set of advanced Carrier Ethernet services providing a wide range of new capabilities that address the diverse and evolving needs of mobile operators, ISPs, utilities, government and private networks.

Employing the common features of the IP-20 platform, including integrated programmable network processors and CeraOS, the IP-20S protects investment and simplifies network modernization.

  • Simple to install and maintain
    • All-outdoor and compact
    • Low power consumption
  • High radio capacity and spectral efficiency
    • QPSK–2048QAM with full range of hitless and errorless Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM)
    • Up to 0.5Gbps radio throughput
    • Capacity-boosting technologies deliver up to 30% more capacity
  • Multi-purpose platform ideal for versatile deployment scenarios
    • Access, small cell and aggregation backhaul
    • Easy to deploy
  • Common OS and software-defined engine simplifies network modernization
    • Powered by programmable networking processor future-proofing CAPEX investment
    • Unified operating system (CeraOS) across entire FibeAir IP-20 platform
    • MPLS-TP and SDN-ready
  • High service granularity enables rollout of new business models
    • Service Assurance for strict SLAs utilizing Hierarchical QoS (H-QoS)
    • Integrated Carrier Ethernet switching, MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0 compliant, MPLS-TP-ready
    • Carrier-grade service resiliency (G.8032, MSTP)
    • IYU-TY.1731 performance management – MEF 35
    • High resiliency to bursty LTE/LTE-A traffic using ultra deep buffers