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FibeAir IP-20C

All-outdoor, compact and scalable, multi-carrier node

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The FibeAir IP-20C is a highly versatile compact all-outdoor wireless backhaul node that suits any network deployment scenario, from aggregation sites to small cells backhaul. It is set to help you meet a wide variety of challenges throughout your network deployment. Whether your challenge is establishing a cost effective and quick network capacity growth path with no truck rolls (yes, zero truck rolls!), reducing spectrum license fees, coping with shortage of microwave frequency channels, or reducing your energy-related expenses – The FibeAir IP-20C is the solution for you.

At the heart of FibeAir IP-20C resides Ceragon’s unique multi-core chipsets, specifically designed for advanced wireless backhaul operations. With its multi-core chipset, the FibeAir IP-20C allows you to continuously increase your operational efficiency and provide better quality of experience to your customers by:

  • Providing the highest radio capacity and spectral efficiency in any condition and any frequency channel size
  • Doubling wireless backhaul capacity via remote activation of another radio carrier with no site visits required – the fastest transmission network set up from planning to fulfillment offered
  • Reducing tower or roof-top equipment footprint by 50% in dual carrier configurations
  • Delivering the needed wireless backhaul capacity at as little as ¼ of the spectrum otherwise needed with Ceragon’s field-proven LoS MIMO 4×4 technology – Enabling 1Gbps radio capacity over a single 30MHz channel or 2Gbps over a single 60MHz
  • Deploying sites where needed, removing wireless backhaul constraints by doubling the reuse of microwave frequency channels, using Advanced Frequency Reuse technology embedded in the multi-core chipset
  • Reducing energy costs by up to 40%

Product Features

The FibeAir IP-20C is an all-packet wireless backhaul node and is MEF 2.0 certified. Itis offered with a basic security package. For a comprehensive set of security capabilities, please refer to the FibeAir IP-20 Assured Platform.

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