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FibeAir IP-20E Assured

All-outdoor, compact, all-IP, E-band node for mission critical network

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The FibeAir IP-20E is an ultra-compact, high-capacity, all-outdoor wireless backhaul node that helps you meet your capacity requirements and secure your data and service availability. Whether your challenge is connecting high capacity sites, overcoming microwave spectrum limitations and costs, or simply expanding your network in use-cases where it is impossible to deploy high-volume, heavy-weight backhaul equipment – Ceragon’s FibeAir IP-20E Assured allows you to achieve your business goals.

The FibeAir IP-20E Assured allows you to continuously increase your operational efficiency and deliver a better quality of experience to your customers by:

  • Providing ultra-high radio capacity and spectral efficiency – up to 2.5Gbps over a 500MHz channel
  • Minimizing your sites’ physical footprint with an integrated flat panel antenna – allowing you to install your equipment on congested poles and street furniture
  • Reducing your E-Band spectrum fees by allowing you to acquire just the right amount of spectrum you need by supporting 62.5MHz channel spacing

Product Features

The FibeAir IP-20E Assured serves the security and availability requirements of mission-critical networks with its enhanced feature set that provides physical security, traffic encryption, anti-malware, identity management, centralized authentication, event logging and secure product architecture and development.

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