Oil & Gas

Rising to the off-shore communications challenge

Since we first started providing Oil and Gas communications solutions over four decades ago, we’ve helped our customers overcome countless challenges – and we pride ourselves on being able to rise to them every time. We have people who understand the technology and the business. We have products that are both advanced and reliable.

As a company, we’re determined to meet every challenge you face with an effective solution. That’s why we invite you to challenge us. We know our solutions will help you go further.

To achieve the highest value for you

The heart of our solutions is the PointLink Platform. We recognize that the best wireless communications solution for oil, gas and mining companies should enable three things:

Increase your operational efficiency

It has to be efficient to run. It needs to maximize capacity and performance, while minimizing running costs. It should also enable you to increase utilization and performance of your infrastructure and labor by implementing remote operations and moving functions and positions to centralized, on-shore operation centers.

Ensure your peace of mind

It needs to be reliable and secure, ensuring service availability. In addition, it’s important to operate in the demanding conditions of off-shore ships and rigs, where stabilization systems and ATEX certifications are

a must. You need to know that you have technology and people who know and specialize in your unique requirements and challenges.

Keep your staff productive

In order to enhance your staff’s productivity, you need to provide them with impeccable connectivity. Whether it is for off-shore infotainment services or for real-time, low latency remote operations of off-shore or harsh environment tools – you can leverage the high capacity and low latency of terrestrial wireless connectivity, making your workers work and your business grow.

A solution for any off-shore communiations need

You require your mission-critical off-shore communications platform to accommodate various needs in different scenarios, while maintaining availability at the highest standard. That’s why we have introduced the PointLink Platform with solutions for any off-shore and remote operation scenario, for any scale, topology, and at any frequency.

Remote operations for oil & gas, fish farms and mining facilities, crew infotainment and remote surveillance are supported with ATEX Zone 1&2 systems, stabilized platforms and integrated software solutions. All developed in-house in order to allow you to meet your business goals.