Wireless ISPs

Rising to the wireless backhaul challenge

Since we first started providing wireless backhaul solutions over two decades ago, we’ve helped our customers face countless challenges – and we pride ourselves on being able to rise to them every time. We have people who understand the technology and the business. We have products that are advanced and reliable. And as a company, we have a determination to meet every challenge you face with a solution.

This is why we invite you to challenge us. Because we know that our solutions will help you go further.

To achieve the highest value for you

At the heart of our solutions is the FibeAir IP-20 Platform. We recognized that the best wireless backhaul solutions for Internet Service Providers had to enable three things:

Increase your operational efficiency

It has to be efficient to run. It needs to maximize capacity and performance, but while minimizing running costs such as spectrum fees, tower lease fees, rent, labor and power related costs.

Ensure your peace of mind

It needs to be reliable, ensuring service availability and it needs to answer your wireless backhaul needs – both now and in the future. You need to know that you’ve got technology and people who can move there with you – and who are ready to start now.

Keep your customers satisfied

That’s why we’re all here. We rise to the challenge because it gives your customer a better experience. That means you can acquire more customers in shorter time, and keep your customers happy – and if you can keep your customers happy, you can keep your customers. Period.

A solution for any wireless backhaul need

You require your wireless backhaul platform to accommodate various needs in different scenarios. This is why we have introduced the FibeAir IP-20 Platform with solutions that meet any ISP wireless backhaul need, for any scale, in any topology and with any frequency. Last mile connectivity, aggregation network, backbone infrastructure and long-haul are available in 4-86GHz frequency range with fast and simple installation and maintenance, enabling extended coverage and fast time to market.

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