5G WOW- Wireless | Open | Wideband- enabling superior customer experiences

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how Ceragon’s 5G WOW offering enables service providers to quickly & cost-effectively provide 5G WOW experiences.

• WIRELESS plug & play, ‘fiber-like’ transport solutions for any network scenario (up to 100 Gbps over a single wireless link)

• OPEN disaggregated network architecture with standard interfaces, flexible hardware choices and best-in-class radios to build an open 5G core, RAN, and wireless transport

• WIDEBANDS that allow the flexibility to quickly densify networks (8Gbps @ 224MHz channels in MW today, 100 Gbps @ 4GHz channels in mmW soon).

Learn about our Next Generation, exclusive and revolutionary SYSTEM-ON-CHIP, designed to offer premium, cutting-edge solutions, including Octa-core carriers, 4GHz channels, 16K-QAM, and so much more.