IP-50 Platform

Ceragon’s strategic and unique approach towards 5G network deployment overcomes the wireless transport challenges that are associated with 5G – from macro cells to small cells across both urban and rural areas.

We are dedicated to delivering innovative Layer 2 and Layer 3 disaggregated solutions, as well as wireless backhaul solutions, incorporating products and services that enable operators to increase operational efficiency by:

  • Reducing Total Cost of Ownership

  • Enhancing subscriber Quality of Experience by enabling innovative high-performance services

  • Optimizing network performance and reducing time-to-market, which leads to faster gaining of market share and corresponding revenue gains and high ROIs

The growing complexity of 5G deployment calls for a different approach to wireless transport, one that simplifies 5G network and service deployment.

Our groundbreaking disaggregated wireless hauling solution, using our IP-50FX DCSG combined with the IP-50 universal radios (IP-50C & IP-50E), answers this challenge.

The IP-50FX leverages software and hardware disaggregation to create an ultra-scalable platform that integrates open hardware, best-of-breed network operating system (NOS) software, and Ceragon’s Radio-Aware Open Networking (RAON) software.

IP-50E and IP-50C radios can be connected to the IP-50FX, providing a full wireless transport solution, with large radio groups using Layer 1 Link Bonding. These configurations can be deployed at tail or aggregation sites. They are fully compatible with SDN-based transport architecture, which provides performance, operational, and cost advantages, and accelerates the ability to take advantage of innovation by quick deployment of future features, new SW flavors, and more.