The Ceragon Portfolio is based on Ceragon’s in-house chipset, which gives our engineers full control of development leading to higher performance, lower power consumption, and the highest capacity in the market.

Our all-outdoor solution is the best fit in the market for network expansion with faster time to market, simple site acquisition, and unique capabilities. Among other strengths, the Ceragon all-outdoor solution offers the widest available channel bandwidth for Microwave (224MHz) and millimeter-wave (2000MHz) frequencies.

Ceragon’s IP-20 series was the first to introduce a true Multicore solution, implementing two radios in a single box, with a wide array of features and capabilities.

We are the pioneers of open networking in the wireless transport domain, introducing a Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (IP-50FX) that enables our customers to reduce the number of network elements required, simplify network evolution, and provide easier and more efficient network management.

Our IP-50 Series of disaggregated platforms fits any network transformation plan, any RAN architecture, Provides a wide degree of spectrum flexibility, offering the highest possible capacity for any desired use case, in the fronthaul, midhaul, and backhaul domains.

Coupled with our SDN Suite and applications, Ceragon can offer full turnkey solutions with enhanced management capabilities for networking and services using artificial intelligence and machine learning to leverage existing install bases as well as designing new and efficient 5G networks.


Network Intelligence & Management