Revolutionizing 5G Transport with the World's First Radio-Aware Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway


Recently IP Infusion and Ceragon Networks combined their expertise and products to create the world’s first Radio-Aware Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway.


This innovative, Open Standards-based platform delivers key benefits of 5G technology and gives carriers the freedom to choose the best-of-breed network components and break the traditional vendor lock-in. But how does this work in the real world? And what types of additional features and benefits can this technology provide? In this on-demand webinar, we will discuss how to leverage open disaggregated solutions to solve the 5G transport pain points and expand the networks to grow the business for years to come.


Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Key advantages of disaggregation and this product configuration
  • How different hardware and software elements operate together
  • What a Radio-Aware Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway can do for you
  • Key benefits - cost-savings, eliminating vendor lock-in, faster adoption of new technology and services
  • Advantages of a TIP (Telecom Infra Project) compliant solution
  • How to plan, deploy, and operate a Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway