E-Band Millimeter Wave For the Telecom Market

E-band millimeter wave (mmW), with wave lengths between 5 mm and 3.33 mm, is the range of radio frequencies from 60-90 GHz. E-band is a subset of all mmW frequencies from 30-300 GHz, which is designated as the extremely high frequency (EHF) band by the International Telecommunication Union (ETU).

Appropriate for ultra-high capacity connectivity with a range up to around 2-3 km (and more in certain cases), E-Band mmW has been licensed or lightly licensed in most countries worldwide.

In this paper we will examine: E-band market growth and the drivers behind its significant expansion; varied 5G, 4G and enterprise use cases served by E-band; the advantages of E-band compared to its main technological alternatives; and the cutting-edge Ceragon IP-50E E-band solution.

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