Training Services

Ensure your service availability and your customers’ quality of experience with Ceragon’s Network Management Tools, allowing you to proactively run, monitor and maintain your network health for best performance and functionality.


The Ceragon Network Operations and Maintenance is a complete e-learning program that aims to provide the student with knowledge and practical experience in the periodic maintenance, operation and management of faults, software and configuration, and performance for Ceragon equipment via the Web Element Management System & Network Management System (NetMaster).

After this course, you will understand how to manage Ceragon Network elements and what are the tools to perform monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting actions.


Ceragon Certified Support Professional [CCSP]

The [CCSP] Certification attests to the fact that the participants have successfully passed the evaluation and gained the skills and knowledge to perform Network Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance on Ceragon FibeAir® IP-20 products, typical for Tier 1 Support.

Detect potential network issues proactively
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Diagnose and resolve network problems promptly
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Improve network performance and uptime
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Streamline preventive maintenance activities
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Reduce OPEX
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Increase Your
Operational Efficiency
  • Manage large-scale wireless backhaul networks
  • Unified, Realtime view
  • First-time-right solution

Ensure Your
Peace of mind
  • Single point of entry for network management
  • Modular and future-proof architecture

enhance your
customers’ Quality of experience
  • Network resiliency
  • Service continuity
  • Improved network performance