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Because good planning makes every project stronger!

Ceragon Certified Engineering Expert [CCEE]

Are you expanding you network coverage and/or services portfolio?  Or maybe plan to roll-out a new network from ZERO? This course will help your network engineering staff maximize your network success and profitability.

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This theoretical & practical course aims to provide the student with knowledge and practical experience in the end-to-end microwave network planning and design process. Students will understand the key milestones, features and parameters driving the microwave network planning and design process, as well as the microwave networks optimization triggers and challenges.

After this course, you will understand how to perform microwave networks planning and design and optimization using professional simulators and how to apply the Ceragon FibeAir  Platform deployment and optimization solutions.

End-to-End MW Planning and Design process and milestones
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Strategic inputs & outputs
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Top priority parameters and features
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Reach targeted link performance objectives
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End-to-End Network capacity management
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Network optimization techniques
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YOUR BENEFIT                                

Increase Your
Operational Efficiency
  • First-time-right solution
  • First-time-right capacity allocation
  • First-time-right quality objectives
Ensure Your
Peace of mind
  • Predictive network changes
  • Predictive deployment
  • Predictive bill of materials
  • Network scalability planning
enhance your
customers’ Quality of experience
  • Network resiliency
  • Link upgrade triggering threshold