5G Wireless Transport

wireless transport

Ceragon's plug & play, ‘fiber-like’ transport solutions can support any network scenario and can reliably deliver up to 100 Gbps over a single wireless link. Truly the fastest time-to-market, utmost flexibility and scalability – at unparalleled cost efficiency. Wireless transport from Ceragon allows you to:

  • Quickly deploy ‘fiber-like’ capabilities to rapidly increase your market share
  • Support any network scenario (longhaul, backhaul, midhaul & fronthaul) for complete coverage
  • Deliver up to 100 Gbps over a single wireless link, for speeds that will WOW your subscribers
  • Provide "five 9's" (99.999%) reliability for uninterrupted broadband connectivity
  • Future-proof your network - highly scalable for simple & quick capacity upgrade
  • Enjoy low OPEX & CAPEX for lowest TCO for utmost cost efficiency
  • Provide additional backup to fiber - mitigate risk of communications loss & downtime


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5G enables truly open & disaggregated network architectures - Standard interfaces & flexible hardware choices.

Ceragon's flexible and scalable IP-50 platform allows optimal support of any network transformation, any RAN architecture, over any spectrum and any required capacity.

  • Choose only the network elements you need & combine them over standard Ethernet interfaces without compromising performance or manageability.
  • Cutting-edge radio technology with universal radios that can be used in all-outdoor configurations (e.g., in tail sites) or in split-mount configurations (e.g., in aggregation sites).
  • Networking units available as white boxes, based on merchant silicon and Ceragon’s unique Radio-Aware Open Networking (RAON) software.
  • RAON approach allows you to manage and optimize various architectures as if you were using a monolithic system.

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wideband wireless transport

5G demands much greater flexibility.

New network scenarios are driven by higher bandwidths required for end devices - and these demand significantly more capacity & lower latency.

Ceragon allows you the flexibility to quickly densify your network - without depending on fiber. In fact, Ceragon is the ONLY vendor to offer 8Gbps @ 224MHz channels in MW today, and soon to offer 100 Gbps @ 4GHz channels in mmW.

With Ceragon, you can leverage higher frequency bands (E-band, W-band and D-band) and wider spectrum channels across all frequencies.

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