Unified Network Intelligence & Management Suite

Are your wireless transport links deployed and utilized in the best way?  Is your NOC struggling with capacity issues? Can you anticipate and prevent performance degradation? 

Too often, wireless network operators are stuck using multiple management and control systems from various equipment vendors and lack the visibility and tools to investigate fault and performance issues. It adds up to increased manual work, inefficient costly operations, and preventable service issues. 

Ceragon Insight is a unified network intelligence and management software suite for your multi-vendor wireless transport network. It provides your NOC and Engineering teams with deep insight and analytics tools that save you money by enabling highly effective operations, assuring the best quality of service, and speeding the team’s response to ongoing and upcoming issues. 


Need More Real-Time Knowledge About Your Network?

cellular network analysis
  • Deeper Analysis


Ceragon Insights’ Analytics provides your network engineers with an intuitive and in-depth view of your entire wireless transport network. It’s the ideal tool to proactively run, analyze and maintain your network’s health for the best performance and functionality. 

With built-in dashboards and fast access to a wide array of graphical and tabular views, your team can save tremendous time and money: 

  • Explore and correlate between alarms and incidents to speed up troubleshooting and identify the root cause. 
  • Analyze the performance of your transport links 
  • Track and identify traffic anomalies in throughput and utilization to anticipate capacity issues 
  • Mitigate bottlenecks, outages and other issues before they impact your network health 
  • Reduce field site visits and improve your overall network performance  
ceragon network Automation
  • Greater Automation

Increase your network efficiency by implementing your own self-defined automation use cases.

Ceragon Insight provides you a convenient way to build your own self-defined use-case to automate your workflows and dynamically adjust and improve your transport network: 

  • Create your own automation use cases: KPIs, triggers, conditions and actions 
  • Enable simultaneous data analysis across multiple applications 
  • Automatically take the corrective measures to fix detected and predicted issues 
  • Free up your network engineers to focus on the most important activities 
  • Reduce human errors and save on labor costs 
Easier network Management
  • Multi-Vendor Management

Ceragon Insight’s Controller engine operates at the center of the management hierarchy, mediating information received southbound from the network elements (NEs) to a higher-layer northbound controller. 

Based on unified standard Software Defined Networking (SDN) interfaces and protocols, the controller enables central management of any microwave and millimeter wave network elements that support SDN standards. 

  • Increases your network flexibility 
  • Easier connection with legacy devices 
  • Enables the most advanced applications and services, including Network Slicing  
  • Centrally control and manage your multi-vendor wireless transport 
5G network Deployment
  • Configuration Planning

Ceragon Insight’s Planning enables you to produce pre-defined configuration files that can be uploaded quickly to the network elements - on-site or remotely. 

  • Reduce the required skillset to install new links 
  • Prevent installation mistakes and enable fast network roll-out  
  • Detect radio models and their activities, spectrum usage, and link availability 
  • Add new devices, extend the network, reconfigure links  
  • Use the “what if” simulator to anticipate the change effect. 


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