PointLink Short-Haul

Short-haul, high capacity, low latency stabilized system for offshore communications

PointLink Short Haul is a superior solution for any off-shore requirement



Ceragon’s PointLink Short-Haul is a marine-grade microwave connectivity system that provides a secured, high capacity, low latency solution, enabling your offshore operations to meet your business objectives. It integrates highly reliable microwave equipment with customized antenna stabilization technologies as well as resilient paths and topologies to provide you high reliability and most importantly, peace of mind.

The system allows mission-critical performance in harsh conditions with state-of-the-art stabilization system and customer specific software and integration. The PointLink Short Haul antenna is stabilized using an innovative GPS motion sensors control system capable of maintaining an extremely high degree of pointing accuracy regardless of motion and sea conditions. Delivering a throughput of multi gigabits per seconds, the PointLink Short Haul is simply the best performing microwave radio technology on the market. It is:

  • Durable in the harshest marine environments
  • Certified for safe work in highly explosive environments – ATEX Zone 1
  • Guaranteed to provide bandwidth for mission-critical services through built-in QoS mechanism
  • Designed for backbone offshore networks carrying high capacities in low & medium frequency bands

The PointLink Short Haul is a superior solution for any off-shore requirement, including remote operations and crew infotainment for moving platforms, drilling rigs and floating production, as well as storage and offload ships (FPSO). The system leverages the high availability, low latency and high capacity of Ceragon’s FibeAir IP-20 platform.

Ceragon offers turnkey solutions with a full range of services, including: field surveys, performance calculations, frequency planning, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning. After-sales support and service-level agreements guarantee top performance for the long term

Ceragon’s unique PointLink Short Haul system ensures a smooth implementation, from concept to delivery, enabling you to have the peace of mind to run an efficient and safe operation that meets your business objectives and achieves the highest value for you.