FibeAir IP-20S

All-outdoor, compact, all-IP edge node

all-outdoor wireless backhaul node



The FibeAir IP-20S is a compact, all-outdoor wireless backhaul node that is optimized for simple installation and operation, and helps you resolve challenges across your network – from macrocell to small-cell backhaul. Whether your challenge is establishing cost-effective connectivity to edge sites, reducing spectrum license fees, or reducing your energy-related expenses – the FibeAir IP-20S is the solution for you.

The FibeAir IP-20S operates within the entire microwave spectrum, offering high spectral efficiency across licensed and license-exempt microwave communications frequency bands (6-42GHz).

Optimized for tail sites, the FibeAir IP-20S supports advanced capabilities such as Advanced Frequency Reuse (tail-site), which allows you to deploy your cell-sites where you need to, without wireless backhaul spectrum constraints.

Product Features


The FibeAir IP-20S allows you to achieve up to 500Mbps radio capacity over a single 56MHz channel in an all-outdoor, compact form factor. It is an all-packet point-to-point wireless backhaul node and is MEF 2.0 certified. The product is offered with a basic security package. For a comprehensive set of security capabilities, please refer to the FibeAir IP-20 Assured Platform.