Smart Activation Key



    A single centralized Smart Activation Key that instantly discovers and automatically activates all your network elements.

    Eliminate delivery and deployment delays from the licensing and activation process. Ceragon’s Smart Activation Key equips operators with easy, instant, friction-free activation, along with powerful actionable intelligence from network element usage reports to improve performance, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

    Instant Activation

    The Ceragon Smart Activation Key provides easy centralized activation for all your network elements from a single secure web-based portal.

    Network Usage Transparency

    Detailed usage reports allow network administrators to monitor network element usage equipping them with real-world actionable intelligence leading to quantifiable increases in network efficiency and performance.

    Faster Network Deployment

    The Smart Activation Key’s self-service capability empowers network administrators with the ability to activate new features as needed with a few simple clicks. New feature deployment is now easy and instant, removing the need to contact sales reps and third-party support teams.

    Flexible Payment Options

    Ceragon Smart Activation Key offers flexible payment options in both CAPEX and OPEX models according to your network needs and operational preferences.