Siklu by Ceragon
MultiHaul TG Series

    The Siklu by Ceragon MultiHaul™ TG Series implements Facebook’s (now Meta’s) Terragraph Gigabit wireless technology, to meet the growing demand for reliable, high-speed internet access in urban and suburban environments.

    The MultiHaul TG series consists of Distribution Nodes and Terminal Units (TUs) and the MH-N366/7 nodes can connect to other MH-N366/7 nodes, or to the TUs from the MultiHaul™ TG product line. This flexibility drives high affordability in delivering gigabit connections to a wide range of urban, and industrial, environments. With these products, Siklu by Ceragon can provide gigabit-speed level service with an attractive ROI for the service provider – due to advances in many aspects of network operations. These advances include design methodologies, self-organizing and optimizing capabilities via automated provisioning, and simplified deployment. 

    MultiHaul TG N366 Node

    MultiHaul TG highlights include choosing between 360-degree coverage from the N366 mesh node and 90-degree coverage from the N265. The N366 delivers 3.8Gbps per sector (future 5.5Gbps), over 4 sectors. MultiHaul TG supports an autonomous operations mode for controller-less operations and advanced L2 SDN mesh routing that enables self-organization and ensures high availability.

    MultiHaul TG Series is Terragraph certified and supports long range links with dish antennas in PtMP or PtP configuration as well as a selection of ports and POE-out up to 63W.

    The series is easy to deploy with out-of-the-box auto connect, plug & play link connection (MPL-260) and auto alignment.

    There are a variety of distribution nodes and terminal units to fit every scenario.