The Siklu by Ceragon EtherHaul™ Kilo Series products are the most widely deployed 70/80GHz radios in the world, delivering multi Gigabit throughput for mobile backhaul, network backbones and fiber extensions


    The Siklu by Ceragon EtherHaul™ Kilo Series were the first advanced mmW products to be offered to the market with this unique combination of attractive prices and best-in-class solutions. These radios are unmatched in performance and reliability, delivering multi-Gbps connections over unprecedented distances.

    The Siklu by Ceragon EtherHaul™ Kilo Series consists of 70/80GHz radios, designed to deliver robust, future-proof mmW connectivity that extends your reach and reduces CAPEX. The series offers a range of capacities, beginning at 700Mbps TDD with the EH-1200TX product and going all the way up to 10Gbps Full Duplex with the FDD EH-8010. Using Siklu by Ceragon’s patented RFIC implementation, these capacities are supported at ranges up to 4.3 miles (6.9km) and at competitive cost that make gigabit E-Band connectivity highly affordable.

    EtherHaul 5500FD

    Like the V-band or 60GHz products, the EtherHaul Kilo Series delivers wide frequency agility in the 70/80GHz bands and extremely narrow beams, resulting in almost unlimited spectrum for dense deployments of EtherHaul radios.

    The Kilo series was designed to provide high quality construction and performance via a small form factor, all-outdoor IP67 rated system. The series delivers as much as 10Gbps, full duplex throughput, reaching distances as far as 10 miles (16km), with a very high MTBF. Its real time connectivity (<10usec latency) supports the most demanding delay-sensitive applications and its optional integrated timing over packet 1588v2, facilitates reliable, accurate mobile backhaul synchronization. In addition, the series supports prioritized payloads using hitless adaptive modulation synced with 8 levels of QoS and a leading in-class RF performance coupled with the lowest power consumption per Gbps.

    The EtherHaul™ Kilo Series delivers interference-free operation in the 70/80GHz band with TDD or FDD support.

    These devices provide up to 10GHz of available spectrum in the 70/80GHz bands and feature pencil width beams with tiny Fresnel zone and up to 32 non-overlapping, user-selectable channels to yield the industry’s highest spectrum re-use factor.

    The EtherHaul™ Kilo Series enables flexible topology and provides multiple interfaces; the series features layer 2 support via a built-in Gigabit switch with extra copper and fiber ports that enable seamless cascading. It also delivers PoE out for external powering of cameras and other devices as well as MEF-compliant Ethernet OAM and CFM (IEEE 802.1ag / ITU-T Y.1731 / IEEE 802.3ah) for advanced monitoring and troubleshooting


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