5G Macrocell Connectivity- a Flexible Approach

By Dudy Cohen 2 min read

5G infrastructure requires more capacity across all parts and domains of the network – access, core and hauling. This understanding is well established by network planners and solution vendors.

When it comes to the hauling network domain (backhaul, midhaul and fronthaul), network planners (and vendors) have come to another realization; in order to keep the needed flexibility for deploying new sites and upgrading existing sites when evolving networks and services to 5G, those hauling requirements must be answered (also) by a wireless solution. This enables operators to eliminate the dependency on fiber availability, feasibility, timing and cost when selecting a location for a new base station.

Read the new white-paper to learn about 5G wireless macrocell connectivity. This specific topic creates a unique challenge in terms of the combination of required capacity and distance – a challenge calling for a new type of wireless backhaul solution.

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