Better Together: The Perfect NMS Pairing

By Jeremy Ladner 6 min read

Imagine the perfect pairing of strength and intelligence in network management. That's what you get when you partner the robust capabilities of NetMaster with the innovative, AI-driven analytical power of Ceragon Insight. This combination represents far more than a simple add-on or upgrade, it’s a transformative shift away from the legacy of labor-intensive manual monitoring and management to AI-assisted automation. 

The Brawn 

NetMaster has long been the preferred network management tool for the majority of Ceragon customers. Its decade-long track record of reliability is well-earned allowing it to serve as the main muscle in this nouveau-duo. NetMaster’s impressive ability to simultaneously collect performance monitoring data from tens of thousands of network elements and then effortlessly pass it along at regularly recurring intervals to Ceragon Insight makes it a priceless partner.  

The Brains 

While NetMaster takes on the heavy lifting, Ceragon Insight provides the brains. It brings its AI prowess to the table, processing and interpreting the data collected by NetMaster. The valuable performance monitoring data ingested by NetMaster is passed along and processed by Ceragon Insight’s AI-enabled deep analytics, providing actionable insights that can significantly enhance network efficiency and performance. 

Real-Time AI-Enabled Automation 

The real game-changer is Ceragon Insight’s ability to introduce real-time automation into your network management, allowing you to tailor performance parameters to your specific needs, set up triggers to alert you about potential issues before they become problems, and enable auto-responses for swift issue resolution. 

This pairing represents a paradigm shift in network management. Together, NetMaster and Ceragon Insight offer a superior, low-touch, comprehensive, and seamless network management experience that capitalizes on each tool’s strengths. It's not just about managing your network; it's about optimizing it, enhancing it, and preparing it for the future. 

Limitless Potential  

Looking ahead, the potential of this pairing is promising. With advancements in AI and network technologies, the possibilities for further network management improvements are near-limitless. NetMaster's brawn and Ceragon Insight’s brains create a perfect NMS pairing. With this dynamic duo at your disposal, you’ll be able to manage your network more effectively today while preparing it for any future challenges that may be coming your way.  

Full Video Transcript: 

Massively upgrade your wireless Network Management capabilities by combining NetMaster with Ceragon Insight. We’ll dig into the details in this episode of Ceragon’s Big Bytes 

Welcome to Ceragon’s Big Bytes, the show all about the wonderful world of wireless telecom and transport where we pack big info into tiny byte-sized videos. 

NetMaster has been the tested and trusted network management solution for the vast majority of Ceragon customers for more than a decade, delivering on its promise of an intuitive management platform that enables operators to see and control thousands of unique network elements in real-time, from a single unified interface. 

Ceragon Insight, our Network Intelligence and Management Suite, extends NetMaster’s core monitoring and control capabilities to further address our customers’ needs by adding: 

  • Powerful new planning tools that simplify link configuration and commissioning 
  • AI-enabled deep analytics, trend analysis, and predictive projections to prevent network issues before they occur 
  • Easier unified multi-vendor management thanks to an SDN standards-based architecture that enables the most advanced applications and services  
  • And incredible automation capabilities that empower network operators to define their own custom triggers and responses.  

This opens endless possibilities when it comes to increasing network performance, reducing redundant alerts and alarms, and cutting energy costs by automatically shutting down unused radio capacity during off-peak hours. Which, by the way, makes it far easier to meet your network’s environmental regulatory obligations. 

Ceragon Insight uses the power of AI to add enormous future-friendly Network Management functionality complementing the core capabilities of NetMaster. Combined, these tools set a new benchmark for what is possible in the world of wireless network management, delivering optimal performance, increased savings, and a superior end-user experience.  

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