Bridging Island Connectivity With High-Capacity Communication

By Dori Erann 3 min read

Fishers Island, a small island surrounded by water in the Long Island Sound, was not able to get enough bandwidth to meet their daily needs to connect their Utilities, residents and tourists.

Because of the inherent wireless challenges presented by an island environment, they were told their requirements simply could not be met. But Ceragon was able to design, install, and manage the operation of the network that is now delivering robust, multi-gigabit connectivity.


With no cables running across the water to the island, the only way to deliver connectivity to the Island’s Utilities, residents and tourists is via wireless communications. However, being an island, water reflection, tides, harsh weather, boats, and trees can cause disruptions in wireless stability.

Between the various governmental functions and a sparsely situated residential population the needs for year-round reliable connectivity are critical for the functioning of the island.

While during winter months the number of users sharing the throughput is somewhat low, conversely, during the summer, thousands of tourists visit and expect to connect. This connectivity becomes even more competitive during rainy days and inclement weather when a visit to the beach is not in the forecast.

“Prior to working with Ceragon, Fishers Island Telephone struggled to transmit a microwave signal, delivering internet traffic to the island, that was higher than 1 Gigabit. We were told by professional vendors that the network ‘would never work’. We are ecstatic that Ceragon was able to prove them wrong and help us deploy a wireless network that is flawlessly delivering up to 11 Gigabits per second. We see Ceragon as an integral part of our team and appreciate their vast professional services and expertise.” Chris Finan, President of Fishers Island Utility Company

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