Case study - mobile operator in LATAM

By Dudy Cohen 3 min read

 Ceragon enables a mobile operator in LATAM to rapidly increase market share



  • Quickly increase subscriber base
  • Aggressively increasing network coverage
  • Overcome fiber deployment limitations
  • Ensure solution for long term capacity requirements

A large telecommunication operator in Latin America was faced with a great challenge: It wanted to significantly increase its market share, currently at ~10%, by quickly enhancing its network coverage and acquiring new paying customers.

That called for a significant network expansion to new areas and cities it did not have coverage in, yet. But deploying fiber in these areas could take months or even years, and while they considered wireless backhaul as a good interim solution for initial penetration, they were concerned the required capacity might exceed the capabilities of common wireless backhaul systems long before fiber lines are set. This made this operator’s coverage targets seem almost impossible.



  • Future proof capacity
  • 500Mbps-1Gbps over a 28MHz channel
  • Single product across the network
  • short plan-through-serve cycle 
  • Faster time to market
  • $6M extra revenues per city connected

Ceragon’s FibeAir IP-20 Platform enabled quick subscriber acquisition and new revenue streams, despite the lack of backhaul spectrum in the country. The solution offered the carrier:

  • The required capacity to accommodate backhaul needs for new served-areas for at least 2 years after penetration – up to 500Mbps over a single 28MHz channel
  • Extra high capacity for dense new-served-areas - up to 1Gbps over a single 28MHz channel
  • A single product to cover all of the operator’s wireless backhaul needs – delivering shorter time to market and revenues by allowing the operator to stock up on equipment prior to completing its detailed network designs

The Ceragon single product offering was based on a combination of the FibeAir IP-20N and the multicore FibeAir IP-20C radio. Using a single radio solution across the entire network enables the customer to deploy its new network in record time – saving on planning as well as deployment and commissioning time, hence allowing it to roll out its network 3 months early!

This 3-month early network rollout generated significant revenues for the customer – for instance, a newly served, average sized city with a population 1M in which the operator was able to gain a 10% market share at a ARPU rate of $20 translates into a revenue-gain of $6M!

Moreover, Ceragon’s unique multicore technology allowed the operator to overcome its wireless backhaul spectrum constrains and provide 500Mbps and, with 4x4 LoS MIMO technology, as much as 1Gbps over a single, scarcely available 28MHz channel.


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