Ceragon Connects with Cellular One’s Byron Clark

By Jeremy Ladner 6 min read

Haven’t heard about Ceragon's Digital Twin Technology yet? Imagine a desktop digital duplicate that mirrors the entirety of your physical network, constantly reflecting the state of every element, and revealing network nuances in real-time.

Ceragon’s Digital Twin technology goes beyond conventional Network Management Systems by uniting different departments, breaking down data silos, and fostering collaboration across your entire organization so that every stakeholder can work from a single source of real-time truth.

In the short video conversation below, Byron Clark, Cellular One's Networking Communications Manager, discusses how this technology has transformed Cellular One’s network operations by providing deeper insights, illuminating network behavior, connecting network operations with business objectives, accelerating decision-making, reducing the total cost of ownership, and enhancing network resilience and performance – and that impressive list of benefits is just the beginning.


Full Transcript Below:

Welcome to Ceragon Connects where we have candid conversations with telecom transport network leaders. On this episode, Ceragon Connects with Byron Clark, Networking Communications Manager for Cellular One. Byron, thank you so much for joining us today. Before we dive into our discussion about Digital Twin solutions, can you give us a quick intro? Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been with Cellular One and what exactly is it that your team is responsible for?

Yes. I'm Byron Clark. I've been with Cellular One for over 20 years. My current position here is the Networking Communications Manager Cellular One spans the four corner states Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Colorado, and Utah. And my job and my duties here at Cellular One - and my group are managing the Transport Network, the fixed wireless, and also fiber. Any of our connectivity is managed through my group.

Okay. So how has Ceragon's Digital Twin solution impacted the way your team operates?

It's been transformative from the moment we saw the demo and how it makes the planning, and the operation of much larger networks more efficient and robust. We were compelled to try it. It gave us a lot of options to improve some of our own in-house processes and that. The specific needs and the complexity of our network is now more manageable and flexible. The analysis process has accelerated dramatically from weeks into days and sometimes even hours to get things turned around for our sales groups to bid on and give our engineering group a better understanding of the network and the current state that it's in. All right.

So with so many different network elements from different vendors, some, of course, are wired, some are wireless. How has your network visibility changed now that you're using Ceragon’s Digital Twin solution and what sort of downstream effects has that had on your maintenance on network optimization and of course, Cellular One’s OPEX?

We can now see all of our transport network components, whether wireless or fiber, in one place and can identify potential risks of single points of failure. This visibility has also been crucial in identifying any equipment that might be aging or some older legacy gear in need of maintenance optimization in our network lifecycles and ultimately saving those costs to improve our customer service.

Okay. So, what about the Ceragon team? What's the inside scoop? How has it been working with them?

Ceragon has been very good to work with. Our experience with them has been great so far. They've been very proactive, supportive, and highly adaptable to questions and also to ideas that we've had that would help fit our specific needs. Their service approach to keeping the platform updated. Is paramount to maintain full and accurate visibility of the network.

Excellent, Byron, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today.

You’re Welcome

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