Ceragon’s field-proven LoS 4x4 MIMO solution

By Dudy Cohen 1 min read

As discussed in our previous post, wireless transmission solutions based on 4x4 LoS-MIMO technology deliver “fiber-like” capacities beyond 1Gbps — while solving fiber-based solution challenges in terms of costs, time-to-market and feasibility.

With extensive experience in the field, Ceragon offers you the only field-proven solution that leverages 4x4 LoS-MIMO technology based on its unique multicore capabilities, to enable you to:

  • Achieve fiber-like capacity with MW-like simplicity and costs – even in a spectrum-congested environment
  • Achieve greater reach (with an extra 3dB system gain) – serve new areas and reduce the number of sites
  • Save CAPEX and OPEX, and accelerate time-to-market and competitiveness – no need for fiber and the related costs

Learn more about the benefits of the Ceragon field-proven LoS 4x4 MIMO solution here

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