High-Speed Connectivity for Offshore Aquaculture

By Thomas Ornevik 4 min read

Top chefs and renowned restaurants around the globe count on Clean Seas Seafood for the uncompromising quality they bring to Yellowtail Kingfish breeding, farming, processing, and marketing.

Looking for operational efficiency gains that could only be achieved by a wireless network upgrade, Clean Seas turned to Ceragon, the global leader in stabilized offshore wireless microwave and millimeter wave connectivity.

Ceragon’s PointLink system delivers the high-speed, low latency, and 99.9% uptime required to ensure minimal lost feed days at all Clean Seas aquaculture facilities resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual savings.


Support data transmission rates exceeding 100 Mbps | Ensure 99.9% availability | Overcome challenging environmental offshore conditions | Improve operational efficiency | Reduce operating costs

Headquartered in Adelaide, Clean Seas Seafood Ltd. (ASX: CSS) focuses on the production of Yellowtail Kingfish, a native fish farmed in its natural waters of Spenser Gulf, South Australia. The largest producer of aquaculture Yellowtail Kingfish outside of Japan, Clean Seas is recognized for innovative aquaculture practices and reliable supply of the highest quality fresh fish to worldwide markets year-round.

 In 2020 Clean Seas identified the need for effective remote control of a 300-tonne automated feeding barge moored at its marine aquaculture farm site located 18 km from its Port Lincoln office in South Australia.

Clean Seas required a high-capacity solution supporting data transmission rates above 100 Mbps. It was also looking for a robust solution that would handle challenging environmental conditions at its offshore site while ensuring 99.9% availability. Such a solution would help the company improve efficiency and cut costs by automating routine operations and accelerating decision-making.

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