Multicore Explained (Video)

By Dudy Cohen 4 min read

What is multicore? How does this technology help you overcome 5G challenges and can two brains tie one shoelace?

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Multicore Explained Video Transcript

Duddy! Hey Duddy!


Yeah Listening.

Can you explain what multicore is?


Sure. Do you want the short version or the long version?

How about the version I’ll understand?


No problem. So Multicore… What is it all about?

In modern mobile networks, like LTE and 5G, you need more capacity, much more capacity. And in order to facilitate that, you need more capacity in your wireless backhaul. That calls for multi-carrier connectivity.

Now in wireless backhaul, it’s better to put two carriers in a single box. It saves you place on the tower, it saves you power, and it allows you to upgrade your network very fast. But putting two carriers in a single box is not multicore. It’s like having two hands without the brain to control them.

And then you end up like this (two people trying to clap hands). Or like this (two people trying to tie a shoelace) You got it.

So, with Ceragon’s Multicore, you have two carriers, two hands, if you may, and one brain to control it, because we built the multicore technology from the bottom up.

We built the chipset, the modem, and the RFIC to support it, and have a multicore box for five years now. But Multicore brings you much more than just two carriers in a single box.

The fact that those two carriers are tightly related allows us to leverage the information we get from one carrier in order to facilitate the other carrier’s performance. This is the case in Line-of-Sight MIMO that allows us to bring you four times the capacity over your limited microwave spectrum. Same goes for Advanced Frequency Reuse when you can densify your network without having to worry about wireless backhaul spectrum constraints because you can reuse the spectrum in a much denser network.

Same goes for Advanced Space Diversity when you can reduce the number of radios, your tower load, and your operational and capital expenses in long-haul Space Diversity links.

So to summarize, Multicore is much more than just two carriers in a single box. It’s a technology that allows Ceragon to let you enhance and evolve your network with less resources, and to make sure that your valuable resources are well utilized.

This is Multicore. If you want to learn more, click on this link. This is the longer explanation version of Multicore. Thank you very much for joining us!


Watch our video about "Delivering Value with Multicore Technologies" to learn more

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