[Video] Offshore communications made simple

By Dudy Cohen 2 min read

The modern oil and gas exploration and extraction industry is getting more sophisticated by the day. New technologies enable access to energy sources in deeper water than ever before, creating a huge business potential.

Offshore operations are moving toward an integrated operations model - relying heavily on the use of telecommunications for data collection, video conferencing and monitoring, remote control of mechanical and electrical equipment, monitoring, logging and analysis of data by onshore experts, infotainment for the wellbeing of offshore crew

Satellite connectivity solutions can’t keep up with these throughput and latency requirements and are more costly to operate. A high capacity, low latency, cost effective, always-on solution is required to accommodate these new requirements.

Watch this video to learn how Ceragon’s Marine-Grade Microwave System provides high capacity and low latency at a lower cost, enabling you to take your offshore operations to the next level.


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