Optimize, adapt and maintain your network – remotely!

By Moshe Bellaiche 3 min read

During the current global crisis, service providers and network operators are facing a variety of challenges. Since the communications infrastructure is critical to ensuring business continuity, remote health, distance learning and socialization, you are likely working around the clock to ensure reliable and quality services to your customers.

With capacity needs having increased substantially, you must quickly adapt your networks to this rise in usage. You must ensure fully operational networks that can deliver consistent services to all users. And in these challenging times, you probably need ALL the help you can get!

Ceragon is here to help.

We continuously work with you to improve your networks and prepare them for influxes of traffic. We perform network analysis of the various hauling components, conduct network optimization and preventive maintenance using our in-house developed tools, and maintain your networks – all remotely!

Get the most out of your current network resources and scale up your service quickly.

You can run remote optimization services for your multi-vendor network, anticipate capacity requirements, and forecast future needs with Ceragon’s Network Optimization & Predictive Analytics service. Using predictive network analytics, we bring greater accuracy to network reliability forecasts, and proactively mitigate bottlenecks, outages and other issues before they impact your network health. By combining network data with advanced predictive analytics, we enable you to predict usage, technology requirements and trends with superior accuracy. Our end-to-end Network Optimization & Predictive Analytics service includes all the key elements you need to achieve peak network performance, reduce the need for the physical upgrading of links, and shorten the time needed when physical upgrading is required.

Make sure your network and services are available when they are needed most.

With Ceragon’s Preventive Maintenance service you can proactively monitor and maintain your network health remotely for best performance and functionality. Our service minimizes network downtime, which is critical these days, assuring both your service availability and your customers’ QoE. Our Preventive Maintenance service provides:

  • Findings and recommendations report
  • Optimization by implementing the recommendations
  • Recurrent preventive measurements
  • Recurrent network review
  • Periodic high-level management updates on network issues and activities
  • Support for complex configurations – including ring protection with third-party equipment
  • Remedy of network issues
  • Supervision during network upgrades

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