[SOLUTION BRIEF] Powered Up Solutions: Connectivity For Energy

By Lisa Sandoval 5 min read

In the dynamic and mission critical energy sector, the demand for reliable, unified connectivity has emerged as an absolute necessity for operational success. This need becomes even more pronounced when considering the industry's frequent operations in remote, difficult-to-access, and inherently hazardous locations such as offshore rigs & vessels, refineries, field exploration, or nomadic mobile targets.

Here, the deployment of a secure and modern wireless system isn't just beneficial, it's critical for ensuring uninterrupted operations, employee safety, and data security. It's about enabling real-time, data-driven intelligence transmitted from next-gen technology such as IIoT devices, sensors, and autonomous vehicles (AVs) to boost your operational efficiencies, enhance crew safety, and meet sustainability targets both now, and far into the future. 

Like other mission critical industries, we see great opportunity for the energy sector with digital transformation. But to achieve a truly connected operational system requires a robust, reliable, secure, and future-proof broadband infrastructure. 


We understand the unique and complex challenges you face every day. And when we're talking about the oil and gas industry, we know that this is not your simple, straightforward neighborhood network connectivity.  

No, we are talking hardened equipment and marine-grade solutions capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and highly explosive environments. And we’d be remiss not to mention our PointLink platform – a game-changing stabilized wireless solution that connects moving assets seamlessly, both on and offshore, despite pitch and roll ocean waves, gale-force winds, or extremely long distances. 

And we get it – waves and hazardous environments aren’t your only concerns. As digital transformation takes hold and IIoT integration becomes a standard part of your world, other challenges are popping up. 


We provide well-thought-out broadband networks that can bring incredible opportunities and benefits to your company. Whether you need reliable communications for your field crew or to bring high-capacity, low latency connectivity to your well heads, drilling rigs, or processing facilities, Ceragon has the strong solutions you are looking for. 

  • Stabilized PointLink Solution - ATEX Zone 1 certified for safe work in highly explosive environments 
  • Wirelessly connect offshore nomadic & mobile targets with high capacity, stabilized solutions – keeping links aligned with a unique stabilized antenna that counteracts movements  
  • Onshore, field, & pipeline connectivity to well heads, drilling rigs, & processing facilities 
  • Industrial standards-compliant cybersecurity for critical infrastructure protocols 
  • Reliable communications & infotainment for field crew, on-rig, & offshore employees 
  • Reach extremely long distances – with one recent Ceragon link reaching 182 km 
  • Wireless IIoT connectivity enabling sensors, meters, AI/automation, & other next-gen devices 
  • Safer working environments with remote, real-time monitoring & maintenance 
  • Increased production, reduced emissions, reduced operational costs 



Does taking all this on sound a bit overwhelming? We’ve got your back from very early discovery and planning all the way to deployment and full network managed services options. You can count on our expertise in specialized private network connectivity to help you push through the unknown and arrive at success in your modernization journey. 

Embrace the future today with Ceragon’s end-to-end connectivity solutions. Discover how our network solutions can fuel your growth towards an enterprise marked by unwavering security, efficiency, and control. 

To learn more, download our Solution Brief: End-to-End Connectivity for Oil & Gas

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