PRIO’s 182km Offshore Network Upgrade

By Jeremy Ladner 4 min read

From mountain tops to production platforms, Ceragon delivers high-capacity low latency stabilized connectivity for offshore Oil & Gas.

‘Delivering connectivity everywhere’ requires far more than just supplying advanced hardware solutions to our customers. Difficult longhaul deployments often demand creative problem-solving, strategic partnerships, and of course powerful products. Developing and designing a solution for the PRIO network upgrade deployment required all three elements, including some...

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Limited Legacy Network Capabilities | Vast P2P Offshore Distance | Challenging Mountainous Terrain | Strict Government Restrictions

The limited capacity and high latency of a legacy satellite network prevented PRIO from utilizing a multitude of modern connectivity advancements, such as video communications, remote equipment operation, and real-time data monitoring. Operating a fixed production platform nearly 200km from shore presented an array of technical and logistical obstacles that needed to be overcome before a modern network could be up and operational.

Overcoming these obstacles required a very special set of skills. PRIO contacted several other local offshore network operators who had all recently upgraded from satellite to learn from their experiences and determine who the best solution provider would be. With Ceragon selected as the vendor of choice, the creative problem-solving commenced.

Ensuring Line of Sight (LOS) for a Point-to-Point (P2P) microwave link across 182km required an onshore cell site that was located at a considerable altitude. Ceragon selected a 2200-meter-high mountain peak located along the coast of Caledonia as the ideal onshore link location. Securing government permits for tower space would prove to be a significant challenge.


182km P2P Stabilized Offshore Connectivity | High-Capacity Low Latency Modern Network | Predictive and Preventative NOC Maintenance Capabilities

The Ceragon team provided a comprehensive end-to-end solution that included planning, design, integration, and training. In addition, Ceragon built a partnership with BR Digital, a local telecom provider that could aid in facilitating permits for the mountaintop tower link location, as well as a fiber connection from the tower to PRIO’s offices and Network Operations Center (NOC).

The Ceragon hardware solution included two distinct cell sites. The first is a modular aggregation node on a fixed production platform located in the Campos Basin in Rio de Janeiro. The platform connects to a second tower-mounted modular aggregation node located 182km away and at a mountaintop elevation of approximately 2200 meters, making it the longest offshore radio link in Brazil and among the longest in the world.

The Network upgrade had an immediate impact on OPEX, putting an end to the enormous monthly satellite data costs. In addition, switching from satellite’s low-capacity high latency to the high-capacity low latency of radio, created substantial increases in operational efficiency, improved oil production, and made reliable real-time video communication and data transmission possible.

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