Reduce high cost of cell tower leases while gaining more capacity

By Dudy Cohen 3 min read

Leasing cell tower space for antennas is an expensive proposition. Pricing depends on various factors, including, of course, site location. Equally important is how large and how much weight and wind torque your antennas add to the tower structure.

To reduce these ongoing expenses, some operators may consider introducing fiber. But the extensive infrastructure investment, long implementation period, and the inability to provide remote connectivity quickly and cost-effectively make it impractical.

So how can you save substantially on tower leasing fees? You can half the size of your antennas and still squeeze every last bit of capacity by leveraging one or more of the following technologies:

  1. 4X4 line-of-sight multiple input, multiple output (LOS MIMO) technology creates artificial multipath, transmitting four different signals over the same frequency channel. This allows you to split your traffic between these multiple carriers and use lower modulation hence achieving additional system gain.  

    With the additional system gain of LOS MIMO, you can install smaller, lighter antennas with their substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings. 

  2. You can deploy multicore radios that offer two carriers in a single box, allowing you to split your traffic across the two carriers, over different channels, or over a single channel, using XPIC. You then can use lower modulation, add system gain and reduce your antenna size.

  3. Finally, you can increase the bandwidth through Header De-Duplication, minimizing repetitious packet header information to reduce the amount of information that needs to be sent. Effectively this means you can transmit more data over a given spectrum, so you can use lower modulation to accommodate your capacity requirements, add system gain and reduce antenna size.

You can apply these multi-capacity boosting techniques to reduce your tower loads by utilizing Ceragon's multicore  IP-20 platform. The Ceragon multicore technology is developed in-house via vertically integrated, dedicated chipsets that enable operators to achieve value by accommodating ever-increasing bandwidth requirements, enhancing operational efficiencies, and saving CAPEX by cutting high tower real estate costs.

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