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By Daniele Fossati 5 min read

Not all service providers have the skills, resources and infrastructure to scale up their network as much as they need to. Daniele Fossati, Ceragon’s Head of Services Europe shares how managed services can help these organizations overcome these challenges, scale up their networks while saving on CAPEX and OPEX.


Full interview transcript:

Hello and welcome to the Backhau Lounge. I'm Dahlit Brin, and today I'm joined by my colleague Daniele Fossati , who's our head of services in Europe. And we'll talk about how our managed services can help organizations scale up their networks. Daniele, thank you for joining us. It's so great to see you.

Hi Dahlit, great to be here.

Wonderful. Thank you. So managed services, it's a very generic term. Many service providers offer various things among that. What do we offer under our managed services?

Yes, actually it's a very comprehensive services. In fact, with our NOC, which is available 24/7, we can do monitoring of the network, we can do first-line, second-line support, dispatching the teams, spare part management and much more. We know that each customer has specific needs. So with our solution, we are very flexible and we can adapt it to each customer’s need.

All right. So as you said, different customers have different needs and we have a whole host of different customers we serve. Now what are the benefits that they're receiving from our managed services and who receives the biggest benefits?

Yeah, with our managed services, the customers who do not have their own NOC so they don't have infrastructure, do not need to invest in infrastructure, in skills, in resources while we do it for them and they can reduce dramatically their CAPEX.

Ok, so that is a huge value that we're giving them. But that's not all that we offer, right?

Yes. In fact, Ceragon has also dedicated tools for data analytics like CeraMonitor, for which we do preventive and predictive maintenance on their network. And this allows our customers to have a more structured and planned maintenance of the network. Thanks to this, they can reduce the cost and stress due to emergency field intervention while they can do a better budget planning and have a more reliable and quality network.

Ok, so what I'm understanding is that the transparency that we're providing them actually helps them to plan for repairs that are coming up because they already know what problems wait down the line instead of having to keep putting out fires which are very expensive or very stressful, and also, actually lead to a lower experience for the customers because the network doesn't operate as optimal as it would be. Ok.

Indeed, the optimal way is to combine the two so the NOC with the preventive and predictive maintenance because with the last one, they can reduce and they can reduce the load and the alarms issues handled by the NOC while making a more proactive maintenance instead of a reactive one.

Ok, so wonderful. So in my own words, on the one hand side, we can provide those service providers with transparency of the network so that they know what may pop up in a bit further down the line. And at the same time, we enable them to really scale up the networks in cases where they don't have the skills, where they don't have the infrastructure, the resources, and we help them turn CAPEX into OPEX and reduce OPEX as well.


Huge value, a huge benefit for our customers. Daniele, thank you so much for explaining this really important part of our portfolio to me and highlighting these huge values, and I'm very, very happy to speak to you soon again.

It's been a pleasure for me. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Speak to you soon. So thank you for joining us in the Backhaul Lounge. And as always, I'm inviting you to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. See you soon!

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