eBook: See Your Network Blind Spots with Digital Twin Technology

By Dori Erann 3 min read

How would you feel if we told you there are risks in your network that you didn’t know were there? What if we could open your eyes on how to efficiently optimize site energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint, or give you a crisp, clear understanding of your network behavior, leading to better decision making and improved ROI? 

We are here to bring all the network risks and unknowns to light. And then some. Today’s modern network infrastructure is comprised of highly complex groups of physical assets, often running on disparate software, and typically deployed, maintained, and upgraded using time-consuming, scope-limited, and manual engineering methods. Simply put, the process is anything but smooth. 

And don’t even get us started on the documentation chaos that most operators are currently dealing with. With the increase in network complexity comes a massive uptick in data – and the need for a streamlined, unified platform – a single source of truth – to bring it all together. 

With all the hype recently around emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics in the business world, one must wonder - isn’t there a better way to plan, manage, and maintain the network infrastructure more strategically than the piecemeal process typically used today? 

Enter, the Digital Twin. Much like AI and predicative analytics, digital twins are trending in business, and for good reason. Our new eBook provides an educational deep dive into the concept of digital twin technology, and our trailblazing, proprietary network digital twin platform already in use and opening the eyes of some large telco customers around the world today. 

Want to get ahead of the curve and TRULY open your eyes? The future is NOW. Get rid of those dreaded data silos, enable your teams to do better work, and bring your network blind spots into crisp, clear focus. 

Download the new eBook for a deep dive on digital twin technology – what it is, what makes it tick, and how it can transform your network and business. You cannot afford to miss this! 


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