Webinar - Disaggregated Wireless Backhaul

By Dudy Cohen 2 min read

Traditional wireless backhaul solutions combine a radio unit with a networking unit (HW & SW) into a single solution, based on proprietary HW. Such a solution cannot be broken down into independent components.


The disaggregated wireless backhaul solution, on the other hand, includes several elements that are independent of each other. In this case, the radio element could be used as a stand-alone radio (an “all-outdoor” wireless backhaul solution) or could connect to an indoor networking unit. This indoor unit could be a combination of the networking HW and networking SW elements or could be any other switching or routing platform (as the connection to the indoor unit is based on a standard Ethernet interface). In a similar manner, the networking HW element could be based on merchant silicon. As such, it could be easily replaced or upgraded to a more powerful unit while keeping the networking SW and the radio elements intact. This could not be achieved in the proprietary environment, where the development of the radio, networking HW, and networking SW elements are highly dependent on each other.

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