Wireless backhaul — how to get more by spending less

By Shai Yaniv 2 min read

In our previous posts, we discussed how your business could benefit from a wireless transmission solution, and provided a list of criteria to consider when selecting a solution to best meet your needs.

Now, we’re here to tell you that with wireless backhaul, you can actually get more by spending less. Yes, we know this sounds like a contradiction but it’s true and here’s how.


  • Network capacity. Get the capacity and flexibility you need to meet your customers’ ever-growing capacity demands as they use more and more advanced, data-rich and video-intensive services.
  • Availability. Offer your customers predictable and guaranteed service performance;  consistently meet your SLA and QoE targets, increase ARPU and reduce churn.
  • Services. Stay ahead of the competitors by quickly introducing new revenue-generating services and increasing ARPU.
  • Reach. Extend your reach to serve more areas and widen your customer base by connecting more customers in more areas.


  • Spectrum. Overcome spectrum bottlenecks and minimize spectrum fees by using only a quarter of the spectrum for any given capacity.
  • Real-estate. Optimize your asset utilization and reduce your OPEX by cutting down on real-estate and tower-lease fees.
  • Power. Reduce power consumption, minimize OPEX and promote a greener brand.
  • Labor. Decrease onsite labor costs with simplified and rapid installation and the ability to remotely configure, monitor and update your network.

Convinced that you can actually get more by spending less?  Then take a look at exactly how with Ceragon’s Ceragon’s FibeAir® IP-20 Platform. 





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