Wireless transmission goes wide

By Dr. Dahlit Brin 2 min read

Nowadays connectivity needs to be viewed as a critical resource, without which the economic and social prosperity of nations are at risk. The limiting factor to the provision of high-capacity connectivity is bandwidth. Regulators have the power to unleash growth in GDP and the population’s general well-being by allowing wide-band channels.

To assist regulators in their decision-making, international institutes such as the CEPT, ETSI, and ITU have made it their mission to provide valuable technological guidance. After having thoroughly tested the potential adverse effects of wide channel bandwidth, these technology experts have put our minds to rest and strongly recommend the implementation of these wider channel sizes.

The need for these wider bands can be seen around the world, as they allow the provision of required capacity quickly and cost-effectively. The first steps in the implementation of wider channels are now being taken, and they should serve as a model for other industry players worldwide.

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