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By Jeremy Ladner 10 min read

MWC makes February fun. There’s nothing like a quick trip to Barcelona to blow off those winter blues. Mobile World Congress bills itself as ‘the world’s largest and most influential event for the connectivity industry’. 2023 promises to be bigger than ever with thousands of exhibitors and more than a hundred thousand visitors all looking to learn about the latest tech and trends for telecom 5G Acceleration, OpenNet, FinTech, and more.

With so much to do and only four days to get it done, we thought we would help you out by highlighting four of the must-see Innovations at The Ceragon Booth - #5G61.

  1. AI-Powered Network Insight

Everyone is talking about AI and for good reason. Revolutionary, groundbreaking, game-changing, pick your favorite adjective – they all apply.

The timing of AI’s entrance to the industry is fortunate for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and Network Operators who are grappling with a massive expansion in the number of transport links. The jump from around 10 million to more than 17 million by the end of 2027 will include 65% wireless links. All those millions of new and existing wireless links will need to be planned, deployed, monitored, managed, and maintained. Traditional passive Network Management Systems (NMS) simply control elements and monitor network health. They lack the ability to effectively manage multi-vendor wireless networks and provide only limited capabilities for NOC and Engineering teams.

Enter Ceragon Insight, the AI-powered intelligence and management software suite. The technology introduces new predictive and preventative network analysis capabilities that promise to eliminate many issues before they occur and speed up troubleshooting for problems that can’t be predicted. Ceragon Insight provides operators with tools to build their own automated use cases, bringing transport networks one step closer to full AI autonomous management.

AI-enabled automation equates to enormous energy and OPEX savings. Imagine an application where the AI continuously monitors all network traffic and disables radios that fall below a predefined usage threshold and then automatically turns them back on once triggered by a requisite traffic increase. That one application alone can equate to a drastic reduction in network energy consumption and a substantial cut in OPEX. The actual impact AI will have on society as a whole and the telecom industry in particular, is impossible to accurately estimate, but one thing is for certain nothing will ever be the same.

  1. Open Transport

We’ve already looked at the challenges that 5G densification presents from the network management perspective, now it’s time to talk about transport. Selecting and deploying the right high-capacity transport links and routers for millions of new cell sites is a titanic task all on its own. To reach the industry’s ‘5G Everywhere’ goals by 2027 we’re going to need transport solutions that are easy and inexpensive to deploy. This transport tech must be capable of delivering future-proof high-capacity while covering great distances, all while providing open disaggregated flexibility.

Ceragon’s Open Transport solutions are the perfect fit. Pair Ceragon’s ultra-high capacity extended reach wideband radios with the industry’s only radio-aware Disaggregated Open Routers (DORs) and you end up with an unbeatable one-two punch of performance and value. In addition, Ceragon Disaggregated Open Routers are fully TIP Compliant and can function as 2-in-1 cell site routers and virtual Indoor Units (IDUs) for even greater CAPEX and OPEX savings.

The introduction of open disaggregated network elements to the telecom industry frees network operators from restrictive vendor lock-ins ensuring that they have easy access to best-of-breed solutions at competitive prices. Ceragon’s innovative Open Transport technology will play a vital role in helping network operators reach their 5G densification goals.

Make sure not to miss Ceragon’s Panel discussion on The State of Network Disaggregation in Wireless and IP Transport at the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Pavilion, Hall 5, stand 5A40, February 28th, at 11am. The panel will include:

  1. Flexible Network Services

Building and operating modern networks is becoming increasingly complex. Tier 1 operators and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) certainly have more resources to play with than their smaller counterparts, but even the titans of telecom, with their large teams of experts and deep pockets know that their resources are not infinite. In the face of 5G densification requirements, the planning, provisioning, monitoring, management, and maintenance limitations of network operators of every size are being tested. Many operators are coping with a lack of network engineers, field technicians, and the tower climbers vital to network expansion and everyday operations.

In response, many Network Operators and CSPs are choosing to leverage the experience of external partners like Ceragon for some or even all of their network services. The benefits of working with external network service professionals are clear, lower CAPEX and OPEX, fewer costly truck rolls and site visits, improved network performance and availability, and increased capacity.

Partnering with Ceragon gives you the power to select from any of their individual network services, put together your perfect pairing, or go for a comprehensive end-to-end Managed Services solution. Ceragon can take care of every element of your wireless network from day-one planning and deployment to ongoing monitoring, management, and maintenance, allowing you and your team to fully focus on the growth of your core business offering.

  1. The Longest Haul

What’s your long-haul challenge? How do you get the maximum capacity, with the required availability, over the longest possible distance, at the lowest cost? Fortunately, the wireless backhaul experts at Ceragon have been hard at work developing innovative new ways to deliver the distance, capacity, and availability we all need, and to do it for far less.

Ceragon’s Longest Haul solution employs proprietary Advanced Space Diversity (ASD) technology to provide an additional 9dB in system gain. That equates to either 40% longer reach, 33% more capacity, a substantial improvement in availability, or a potential overall cost savings of up to 50%. Additionally, Advanced Space Diversity (ASD) can help you reduce the number of antennas to 3 from 4 for an immediate CAPEX and OPEX reduction.

One Big Bonus

One of the key highlights of being at MWC is catching up and connecting with old friends, colleagues, and industry experts. You can easily spend 15 minutes quizzing one pro about the best approach for solving your specific application challenges and then hop across the hall for a second opinion from a competitor.

To take things a step further, you could schedule a single meeting with an entire team of Ceragon pros that might otherwise require weeks or months of back-and-forth planning and travel, knocking it all out in one incredibly productive morning. MWC is an amazing opportunity to make personal connections and get all your questions answered on the spot.

Don’t Forget to Pack a Pair of Comfortable Shoes

Whether you’re fortunate enough to attend MWC in person or just keeping up with the coverage online, you’ll want to make sure you keep an eye on Ceragon’s wireless transport technology announcements. The ability to leverage tech advancements like Ceragon’s Longest Haul and AI-powered Intelligent Network Management can give you the all-important edge you’ll need in the challenging and highly competitive 2023 business environment.

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