Case Study: Yuba Water Agency Modernizes Entire Network

By Dori Erann 4 min read

After 'testing the waters' with Ceragon, Yuba Water Agency selected Ceragon to lead its entry into Digital Transformation by replacing its entire legacy communications network. 

Yuba County, located just north of Sacramento, California, is one of the most biodiverse counties in the contiguous United States and is home to a great deal of agricultural business. Yuba Water Agency (Yuba Water) is a stand-alone public agency responsible for flood risk reduction, water supply reliability, hydroelectric power generation, and other vital services. For nearly 60 years, Yuba Water has operated in a professional, progressive, and responsible manner to tackle the complex challenges of water resource management with sound science and information and is recognized as an industry leader.


Modernize Utility communications | Increase existing network capacity and reliability | Deliver enhanced customer support and service | Increase operational efficiency

Yuba Water requires an advanced communications network to provide reliable personnel communication, video surveillance, and digital transformation applications such as automation, analytics, and a smart sensor system.

Yuba Water officials encountered challenges in dealing with their incumbent network and the support they received. The customer support response was slow and ineffective. The network was becoming obsolete and needed to be upgraded to support the innovative applications being adopted. They needed a system that would provide high capacity, low latency, seamless upgrades, and, most importantly, was backed by a reactive, professional, and expert customer support team.

The Solution

Replace legacy network | Accelerated digital transformation | High-capacity low-latency backbone | Expert professional services

By working with Ceragon to handle the hardware and installation of one initial link, Yuba Water Agency was quickly impressed with the product performance upgrade as well as Ceragon’s levels of attention and focus on customer service. As a result, Yuba Water decided to move forward with replacing the entire legacy network with Ceragon high-capacity, low-latency wireless transport products and end-to-end planning and deployment services.

The Ceragon team has taken accountability for the network, ensuring that performance meets or exceeds expectations and that Yuba Water receives a robust and secure network infrastructure. With a dedicated customer service team, Ceragon is committed to building a long-term relationship with the Yuba Water family.

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