HetNet Hauling

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are struggling with the surge in capacity demand. The rapid rise of smartphones and other mobile devices has led to an overwhelming tsunami of data-rich applications. Mobile networks, originally designed for voice traffic, are suffering critical capacity shortages as subscribers, with the flick of a thumb, download vast volumes of data, clogging backhaul networks and driving operators to find innovative ways to cope with these irresistible trends.

The traditional access/aggregation/core architecture is no longer sufficient. Operators are looking at new complementary technologies such as 4G/LTE-A, fronthaul and small cells to push out the edges of their networks and to supply the requisite coverage, capacity and quality cost effectively where and when it is needed. The fusion of these and other technologies, legacy and new, has given rise to heterogeneous networks (HetNets) through which mobile operators intend to deal with the capacity challenge.

MNOs need to take a fresh and comprehensive look at their entire network to come up with the HetNet approach that works and is affordable. Combining technologies, equipment and services, HetNets can service the accelerating demand for capacity cost-effectively under rapidly evolving conditions. However, the options are abundant and can be confusing.

Deploying and operating the myriad technologies that participate in the HetNet confront MNOs with unification challenges. How do network operators monitor and control all of these technologies homogeneously so that subscribers can receive adequate and unified quality of experience regardless of which technology they are using at any moment?

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Ceragon offers the blueprint for implementing cost-effective solutions at every point in the HetNet to manage the ever-increasing demand for capacity. Our service-centric FibeAir IP-20 platform of high-capacity wireless solutions provides a complete suite of wireless products that provide innovative, market-leading solutions for all HetNet hauling challenges.

The FibeAir IP-20 platform delivers ultra-high capacities while supporting any radio transmission technology, any network topology and any deployment configuration. It is the perfect, cost-effective solution for HetNet hauling. 

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