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  • Large Mobile Operators Expand 4G Services throughout North America with Ceragon’s IP-20 Platform

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Large Mobile Operators Expand 4G Services throughout North America with Ceragon’s IP-20 Platform

September 9, 2015

Little Falls, NewJersey, September 9, 2015 - Ceragon Networks Ltd.(NASDAQ:CRNT), the #1 wireless backhaul specialist today announced that three large North American mobile operators, all existing Ceragon customers, are deploying its IP-20 platform for their separate 4G network expansion and modernization projects.

The growing demand for Ceragon’s IP-20 platform in North America is attributed to its high capacity, high availability, high reliability and backwards compatibility capabilities, providing exceptional performance. These mobile operators chose Ceragon’s IP-20 wireless backhaul solution as it enables them to quickly and efficiently modernize the existing networks to 4G and rapidly expand coverage and capacity. The IP-20 platform allows them to meet increasing network traffic demands with its ability to deliver the highest possible capacity under any condition, while ensuring maximal spectral efficiency. By providing uncompromised reliability and redundancy, Ceragon’s IP-20 platform ensures consistent and reliable network performance, hence enabling all three operators to deliver an excellent, uninterrupted mobile experience to their end users.

The Ceragon offering allows these three long standing Ceragon customers to save significant CAPEX and OPEX as they are able to leverage their legacy Ceragon antennas and radios while performing minimal upgrades to sites. The operators additionally enjoy the IP-20 platform’s backwards compatibility capabilities with legacy Ceragon products installed at remote sites, which significantly reduce implementation times and required site visits, ultimately allowing their network to be up and running quickly with minimal service interruptions. With its compact radios, the IP-20 platform also saves operators site and tower real estate costs. The Ceragon high power IP-20 platform delivers operators a complete wireless backhaul solution that enables them to meet their operational efficiency targets.

“We are extremely pleased to see our North American customers embracing the IP-20 platform in their 4G expansion projects,” said Ira Palti, president and CEO of Ceragon. “We appreciate the long term partnerships we have with our customers, and are to continuously providing them with a truly best of breed portfolio of products that meets their current and future needs.”