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FibeAir IP-20LH Assured

High-availability, multi-carrier trunk node for mission-critical networks

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The FibeAir IP-20LH Assured is an ultra-flexible long-haul node that delivers multi Gbps radio capacity over very long distances, ranging from 10Km, to 50Km, 100Km and even longer, as well as extreme weather conditions, such as severe cold, heat, rain and snow blizzards. Its high modularity and flexibility allow it to support numerous radio carriers with an exceptionally wide variety of line interfaces via pluggable modules. This, combined with its enhanced security feature set, make the FibeAir IP-20LH Assured the preferred node for your long-haul mission-critical network. We at Ceragon understand just how much the resiliency of your long-haul connectivity means for your mission-critical services, and so we have designed the FibeAir IP-20LH Assured to support a No Single-Point-of-Failure architecture (No SPoF), so that the main processing unit and all line and radio interfaces can be protected, ensuring your network is able to continuously support your business goals. The FibeAir IP-20LH Assured operates within the entire microwave spectrum, offering high spectral efficiency across licensed and license-exempt frequency bands (4-11GHz), as well as supports all high-speed data interfaces (10GE/1GE/FE) and a wide variety of TDM interfaces (E1/T1, STM-1/OC-3). Unique, layer 1 carrier bonding (multi-carrier Adaptive Bandwidth Control, MC - ABC), enables multi-carrier aggregation to a single logical link, carrying TDM and Ethernet traffic – enhancing equipment and spectrum utilization and increasing service availability.

Product Features

Equipped with an MEF 2.0 certified Carrier Ethernet engine, as well as an advanced TDM service processing engine, the FibeAir IP-20LH Assured allows you to deliver both IP and legacy TDM services. It serves the security and availability requirements of mission-critical networks with its enhanced feature set that provides physical security, traffic encryption, anti-malware, identity management, centralized authentication, event logging and secure product architecture and development

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