Siklu by Ceragon
Network Operations Apps

    The Siklu by Ceragon family of SmartHaul network operations apps simplifies the work of calculating costs, designing deployments, and managing elements and networks.

    Our Wireless Network Design Engine, WiNDE, simplifies the design challenges of deploying the right piece of equipment at every point in the network. WiNDE takes in all the locations to be served in a given mmW network and applies cost and performance factors to automatically recommend optimal, cost-effective, and robust implementations from which to choose. The tool also creates a Bill of Materials to build the selected design as well as the configuration files to ensure that operations are as designed.

    SmartHaul Wireless Network Design Engine (WiNDE)

    SmartHaul MASON, our Management, Automation, and Self-Organizing Network tool, delivers complete network information to the network operator’s fingertips, covering topology, connectivity, inventory, fault data, performance, and more. These modular, cloud or VM-based tools streamline operations by automating repetitive tasks and supporting faster troubleshooting by correlating ports, links, and devices with hierarchical propagation to identify capacity bottlenecks or availability via user-defined KPIs. In addition, SmartHaul MASON includes the unique “Runner” subsystem, which is an SDN controller for Self-Organizing Network (SON) operation of the mmW network.

    The SmartHaul EMS is a powerful, easy-to-use element management system that enables customers to configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and administer large and small mmW networks, ranging from 10s of links all the way up to networks with 1000s of links. It can run on a single server configuration or all the way up to a large distributed and virtualized implementation. SmartHaul EMS can run as a standalone management system or integrate into a wider OSS environment, utilizing southbound SNMP v2/3 support toward the radios and a rich, full northbound REST API toward higher level managers. The EMS features include both tree and map views of the network and powerful dashboards that display network status, spectrum use, device status, inventory, and more. There are also fully configurable alarm thresholds and notifications per device or in-bulk configuration options, user, domain, and security management, and management of software upgrades.

    The SmartHaul Link Budget Calculator is a highly accurate, online, cloud-based tool that helps predict the performance of a proposed link before installation and site surveys. This powerful tool enables prospects, customers, and system integrators to plan link performance and generate estimates of availability vs distance. This helps customers select the best products and antennas to fit their network, even taking into account 40 years of rainfall data, to simulate real-world conditions. The tool also documents the link plan.

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