Professional Services

Committed backhaul experts serving your business needs

We offer a variety of comprehensive Professional Services in order to deliver the most efficient network solutions for you during the entire life-cycle of your project. Whether you are planning a network expansion/upgrade, setting up a new network, or managing an existing network, our Professional Services experts will allow you to meet your goals within your budget while ensuring the best experience for your customers.

Our various professional services can be bundled or acquired separately, depending on specific needs, network complexity and installed based.

Our Professional Services include:

  • Detailed Solution Design: Ensure high performance quality of experience and on-time delivery of your services, while improving resource usage and shortening time to market.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Proactively run, monitor and maintain your network health for best performance and functionality.
  • On-Site Consulting: Enhance your customers’ quality of experience and increase your operational efficiency.
  • Network Audit: Be aware of your network’s status, receive recommendations to help improve your network’s performance and prevent future outages.
  • Network Optimization: Prepare your network to meet future business requirements.
  • Training: Improve your staff productivity and efficiency by enhancing their knowledge through theoretical sessions and hands-on practice.


Contact our Professional Services Team to tailor a  solution that meets your needs –

To achieve the highest value for you

Our Professional Services offerings are designed to:

  • Increase your operational efficiency: Plan, rollout, manage and maintain your network in a way that maximizes resource utilization and labor productivity.
  • Ensure your peace of mind: You enjoy peace of mind as you know you have the best professional experts at your disposal. You can leverage our experience and never have to worry about unexpected challenges.
  • Keep your customers satisfied: That’s why we’re all here. We rise to the challenge because it gives your customers a better experience. Enhancing your customers’ experience will allow you to acquire more customers in a shorter period of time, while keeping them happy throughout the process.