We understand the importance of a fast, smooth and professional network rollout, and have solutions that provide you the fastest time to market. We work according to best-in-class procedures and processes, while using cutting edge and tailored, in-house developed project management tool. Our propriety tools include a cloud web-based platform, as well as mobile applications (In-Side).

Pre deployment

  • Detailed solution design
  • Project deployment planning:
    • Line of Site (LOS) – Defining and planning optimal LOS to meet your needs.
    • Technical Site Survey – Collecting and documenting all necessary information for the NW Rollout phase.
    • Logistics – We have logistics procedures to ensure 100% safe delivery to sites.


  • Installation – “First time right” for fast and accurate installations, even under the most difficult of environments, achieved by trained teams, best-practice processes and procedures.
  • Commissioning – Utilizing dedicated software and tools developed for reducing implementation time.
  • Alignment – Assuring best link performance.
  • Pre ATP – Internal testing and verification for the entire customer requirements.
  • Quality Assurance – Ensuring the highest quality of delivery during the entire rollout.
  • Acceptance Test Procedure.
  • Final Acceptance Test

Post deployment